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A Cowichan sweater born from the inevitability of the cold Canada. Edit & co. Cowichan adds originality and the essence of "now" to the charm of traditional Cowichan, including colors, patterns and patterns. There is an existing concept that "a low-gauge cow chin sweater makes the body look bigger", but we are particular about the shape and finish it with a silhouette that is completely different from the conventional cow chin. In addition to the unique warmth that can be felt because it is handmade, we are particular about the material. All products are made from 100% carefully selected high quality pure wool. Compared to the heavy yarn that contains plenty of oil and fat called lanolin, which has been used for conventional lanolin, its lightness, touch, and comfort are exceptional.

Material: 100% pure wool
Size: H24cmxW32cm

* Due to the characteristics of handmade knits, there may be an error of about 1 inch from the basic size in the finish. In addition, the color of the yarn dyes natural wool, so it varies slightly each season.

* The estimated delivery date varies depending on the order time. Please contact us for details.