[Restock] Frill Sleeve Tops (Black)
[Restock] Frill Sleeve Tops (Black)

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[Restock] Frill Sleeve Tops (Black)

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Uses a taut cotton punch material that does not pick up the line of the body. You can wash your hands at home. The frilled sleeves with curves from the back to the front have slender shoulders and upper arms, and gathers on the back to make the back style look beautiful with a slightly fluffy silhouette. The shape that is gently squeezed from the shoulder width to the waist fits gently on the waist and covers the waistline naturally and beautifully.

Material: Cotton Stretch Punch
Mixing ratio: 86% cotton / 13% nylon / 1% polyurethane
Size: Medium
Front length: 61 cm
Back length: 69 cm
Width: 48 cm
Shoulder width: Corresponds to 35 to 42 cm ・ If the shoulder width is 33 cm, the sleeve length is 14 cm.
・ If the shoulder width is 43 cm, the sleeve length is 9 cm.