Crew Neck T-shirts with Pockets (Pale Gray)

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Crew Neck T-shirts with Pockets (Pale Gray)

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An oversized crew neck T-shirt with a beautiful loop georgette's elegant sheer feel.

You can enjoy the change by matching the silk camisole to the inner and changing the expression with the color inner according to the coordination.

Slit pockets on both sides are also a point of dressing.

Adult T-shirts that upgrade your casual style to a higher level, and of course you can wash your hands at home. Combined with the Medium Length Flared Skirt, it looks great in the setup.

Material: Loop georgette Mixture ratio: 41% triacetate / 59% cotton
Size: Medium
Length: 70cm
Bust: 98cm
Shoulder width: 48 cm
Sleeve length: 12 cm
Hem width: 108cmm
Hand washable

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