Cashmere Stole (Smokey Pink)

Cashmere Stole

Cashmere Stole (Smokey Pink)

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  • > イニシャルサンプル(花文字)
  • > イニシャルサンプル(筆記体)

A luxurious large-format stole that uses 100% high-quality cashmere from Inner Mongolia with a light texture like gauze. Three standard gray colors with nuances dyed by craftsmen using ink, pale pink dyed with Bengala, light indigo dyed with Bengala and Indian indigo, and six colors of sax blue are available. I prepared it. The stall, which uses only natural materials, has a rich texture and color, and blends beautifully with various colors and materials. In addition, as an option (charge not included), you can insert 1 initial hand embroidery in flower letters or 2 letters in cursive.

* Bengala is a component (iron oxide) that can be taken from the soil, and is also called red husk or valve pattern. The etymology is so called because it was introduced from the Bengal region of India, and it is the oldest pigment in the world.

Size: 146cm x 188cm
* No initial embroidery = It will be delivered in about 3 to 5 weeks.
* With initial embroidery = It will be delivered in about 8 to 10 weeks.