2 Tack Jersey Pants (Black)
2 Tack Jersey Pants (Black)

adele couturier

2 Tack Jersey Pants (Black)

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A seasonless classic collection of capsules made entirely from cut-and-sew materials. A "multiple" item that can cover everything from offices to party scenes, while combining pattern work that makes a woman's form look beautiful just by wearing it lightly, the finest materials, and above all, the comfortable comfort of cut-and-sew materials. It is a lineup of.

Material: Cotton stretch punch Mixture ratio: 86% cotton / 13% nylon / 1% polyurethane
Size: Medium
Total length: 99cm
Inseam: 76 cm
Rise: 23 cm
Hem width: 15 cm
Hips: 54 cm
Waist: 68 cm
Thigh width: 31 cm