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    Dress Me

    French Linen Back Ribbon Dress (White)


  • Canadian Sweaterよりお知らせです。



    SOLD OUTとなっている商品は、2月1日よりオーダーをスタートいたします。


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    Multi-way mesh bag mini was posted on SOTRY web.

    Please take a look below.

    Introducing a new color to the "popular multi-way bag" that STORY stylists are also paying attention to!


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    multi-way mesh bag mini (Copper)

  • multi-way mesh bag mini New color is now on sale

    A new color has arrived for the multi-way mesh bag mini, a new signature item from edit & co.

    Two colors, copper and python, that fit chic coordination from this season to early autumn.

    The multi-way mesh bag mini is an evolved version of the 2-WAY MESH BAG, which has been very popular since its debut in the spring of 2020.

    In addition to the W handle on the hand and shoulder, it is a multi-way specification that allows you to hold the clutch and strap of the inner bag if you hold it.

    In addition to the exquisite size that is compact yet has storage capacity, the inner bag is made of high-quality linen material with a beautiful texture.

    Pre-order sales are available at the URL below.

    Thank you.

    multi-way mesh bag mini (Copper)

    multi-way mesh bag mini (Python)

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    SiLK meets CLEANSE MASK was posted on Aesthetic.com.

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    Discover a comfortable and shining mask! The collaboration mask of a long-established fabric wholesaler x popular brand is amazing


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    SiLK meets CLEANSE MASK was posted on VERY WEB.

    Please have a look from the following.

    Both fashionable and rough skin measures! I found an antibacterial cleanse x silk mask


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    SiLK meets CLEANSE MASK was posted on precious.jp.

    Please have a look from the following.

    Good news for worries about rough masks! An original mask with outstanding taste from "edit & co."


  • Notice of opening of original mask site

    The original mask of edit & co. has been completed.

    The outer material is 100% organic cotton jersey with a cleanse treatment that has been proven to have antibacterial effects, and the lining is a double mask made of fluffy 100% silk jersey material.

    It feels comfortable on the skin, has excellent moisturizing power, and the jersey material that expands and contracts and the ear straps can be adjusted to fit the face perfectly.

    Made in Japan with 100% natural materials.

    Easy care that does not require ironing even after washing.

    Founded in 1751, we made it in collaboration with Takihyo, a long-established fabric wholesaler.

    Eight variations of white, black, ash gray and beige are included in the original package with a zipper.

    It is sold on the following dedicated site.

    Thank you.



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    e & c.53a Lily Zip Up Vest Tricolor (Natural Brown)

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    Multi-way mesh bag mini was posted on VERY WEB.

    Please take a look below.

    Inevitably sold out! The new popular mesh bag is a multi-way